late nite ramblings

23 June, 2014

- I'm officially (officially) moving on August 10th. I've lost track of how many times I've pushed the date back since this whole thing came about, but this is it. Emma will have to start school at the end of August, sooo there's no turning back now. Seven weeks.

- I had a really good weekend, aside from being kind of sick. I saw a concert with a friend, watched a lot of soccer, and belly laughed a handful of times. Belly laughing is truly one of my favorite things about being alive.

- My daughter has been drawing pictures of cactus everywhere, and unfortunately they look like dicks. Both my driveway and a sign she made for her garden at her grandparent's house are covered in giant hieroglyphic dicks.

- Lately I've taken note of how often I'm letting my emotions make my choices for me, and I mean, I know I'm a female, and we're known for doing that, but it bothers me. I've never been this way before. Generally, I let intellect/logic guide the way, but my life is in a very emotional state right now, and most days it seems like the universe is getting me right in the feels. I've been practicing taking a deep breathe before I respond to things, and also making more calculated decisions. In fact, since I've been consciously doing this, I've been fascinated with the idea of, or maybe just the word calculation. It seems robotic?

- This evening I asked Emma what she wanted to do for dinner, and she said "watch the sunset with you Mommy." She was away this weekend, and we didn't even talk for 2 days. It was good for both of us. So for dinner we had a sunset. It was delicious.

What have you been up to? Tell me something good.


Inge said...

I know what you mean about letting your emotions make your choices for you. It's hard to ignore them, or treat them with the right significance (which is hard to determine).
I don't have anything good to tell you, unfortunately. Life ain't so bright right now, but I'm working on it (always).

Katrina Sophia said...

your daughter always sounds so sweet and funny!

been sick over the weekend too but I managed to shop some art supplies, visit my family and painted popsicles, which was nice

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A Crimson Kiss said...

I love, love, love this. The moving not so much, but the decisions and the time with Emma and the really good weekend.

MeghanTopjian said...

I want to see one of these cactus drawings! That is hilarious! Glad you got some good laughs this weekend :)

Stephanie said...

I'm going to need to see those cactus drawings! HA! I'm actually really excited to hear all about your move, and see new pictures of your new place (I mean, if you want to share them, of course). : ) Hopefully sunsets for dinner and concerts with friends and all of the happy moments keep you centered and at peace before these big changes. Thinking of you guys!