dream room

31 March, 2014

I'm really feeling this bedroom. I can't wait to move and start over with a fresh space. 

links//bon lundi

hi!! I made it through the week without even a meltdown. I don't mean to boast, because I know there are people who have worse living conditions than this, but I'm really proud of myself. haha. School + taking care of a home and a child aren't easy tasks when you don't have back up!

Anyway, here are a few links that caught my eye lately that I wanted to share. Bon lundi. :)

- this amazing photostream has inspired me to pick my camera back up after months of not using it much.

The Locavore Myth - an article about how limiting yourself to only buying food that is sourced locally can be an ineffective way to reduce your carbon footprint. I found this to be particularly interesting because I never really took into consideration the ecological effects of my purchases, just the economic effects.

- Hawaii's stairway to heaven.

- I've never seen anything like this surf video!

- I'm stressing out about a couch. (How will I not buy that?)

- kids are funny.

religious candles

27 March, 2014

I spent Monday deep cleaning my house, and moving things around. And by things, I really just mean clothes. I took over the extra closet, and made use of my entire dresser, which truly deserves a post of it's own, because I swear I felt a sigh of relief from my insides after everything was situated. I just really like having space, instead of cramming things wherever they will fit. That's probably a deep-rooted Freudian metaphor, right there.

I digress, this is a post about candles. I found these two candles jars while I was cleaning, and they made me giggle.

One day, last summer after complaining to Bryan over the phone about my shoulders hurting, he stopped at the grocery store and bought these little candles so that he could come home and give me a romantic back massage. Very sweet, and a little romantic, even, except they were jewish candles. It was funny, because it was a situation very typical of him.

(note: he once failed at a romantic attempt to propose to me because he forgot the ring. -_-)

Anyway, I've almost survived a full week without him around, and needless to say, I miss laughing. :)


21 March, 2014

Thursdays are my long days at school. I'm there for 12 hours, and it's so mentally draining. I start out the day with a really hard class (managerial economics) and end the day with an even harder research/statistics class. By 10pm, I'm just done, and my brain is mush, and I can only talk in math terms. Generally, I go out for beers after class with a couple of friends, and then I come home and melt into a bath.

Yesterday was particularly rough. I had a test first thing in the morning, and shit got crazy in my research class, in the form of two sample confidence intervals, and today I'm still feeling the effects of it.

I want to hide under the covers in my bed all day, buuuut it's Bryan's last weekend here (!) and I'm trying to make the best of it because next Thursday when I come home, after a long day, it will be to an empty house. :(

a little bit of lately

14 March, 2014

- I've been on spring break, and it's just been great. I have gotten so much done, but I've also had fun, and I've been lazy here and there. A good balance. Spring break also means I'm halfway done with this semester!

- speaking of school, I graduate in august! I have 2 easy summer semesters, and I'm done. I can hardly believe it.

- speaking of august, I'm moving to Midland, Texas in august. The week after I graduate.

- oh yeah, Midland! Bryan is moving there in one week, and I'll be spending the spring/summer as a real single parent. -_- 

- I applied to kindergarten programs for Emma last nite, and I'm feeling so emotional as a result. There's just so much going on in august, it definitely feels like a new chapter, and naturally I'm nostalgic about the one I'm ending, even though I'm feigning indifference to fake myself and Emma out. haha

What's going on in your orbit?

ps. I'm not in the business of apologizing, but I have been way too lazy to configure my sd card from my camera to my new laptop, please forgive me for the crappy instagram photos, unless you're into that sort of thing.. and then you can follow along here for more. Happy weekend!

fitness inspiration

10 March, 2014

I'm going to be honest, and tell you that when it comes to body image, it took me a long time to accept that my body type is curvy. I've always envied girls who are supermodel thin, because the grass is always greener, right? 

A few years ago I started to come to terms with the fact that that isn't me, and never will be, so instead of making myself feel bad, I've learned to embrace who I am instead. This has helped me to become more appreciative of the female form, in general, and I am way less critical of myself.

Lately I've been channeling Asa Soltan when I'm working out, because oh my god, dat ass! I just love her. I think she's so beautiful, and I love that she owns her curves like it's no one's business.

Who is your current fitness inspiration? 

marginal utility

03 March, 2014

In economics, there's this thing called marginal utility, which goes like this: let's say you're starving, and you buy a piece of pizza. You'd probably be willing to pay more for the first slice than you would any proceeding slices, because your hunger is the driving force of the purchase, and it (hopefully? haha) subsides after you consume the first slice. The takeaway here is that when you have a lot of something, you tend to value it less.

And now let's apply this theory to a 5 year old, with too many toys, who threw a fit in the store today because I wouldn't buy her a stuffed animal. Said 5 year old now has substantially less toys, which she will now value more.

Parenting and economics, you guys!! It's so much fun!