Cabo Inn Hotel pt.1

24 July, 2014

I wanted to share some pictures of the hotel that I stayed at in Cabo, because it was truly remarkable. I booked the hotel one nite, after way too much wine, and definitely on a whim, and to be honest, I had booker's remorse (and a hangover) the next day.

Generally I'm a 5 star kind of girl when I travel, but lately I find myself placing more importance on experiencing things versus feeling comfortable. This place was unlike anywhere I've ever stayed. It's located in downtown Cabo San Lucas, within walking distance to so many things. And as advertised below, it's cheap!

The building is a typical hacienda style, with an open atrium, as soon as you walk in.

I'm not sure how many rooms are in the two main levels of the hotel, but they lined the atrium, and each one had a really cute name, and cozy little spots outside of them for hanging out, or eating.

So, if you're not impressed yet, go away. Just kidding. I'm saving the best for last. :) Tomorrow I'll show you the rooftop, where we stayed. Buenas noches! Hasta maƱana!

pictures of lately + uncollected thoughts

22 July, 2014

I sleep better in a clean house//pool days, every day//art museum//morning hike//cicada

- I legitimately can't stop listening to The National. I get into music moods, but I think they might be my #3 favorite band of all time.

- Speaking of music, I'm daydreaming of going to ACL in October. :)

- Also related, because daydreaming, I really want to go to London right now. Like, so bad it makes my heart hurt a little bit when I think about it. Let's all just cross our fingers that I find a really awesome job as soon as I move, so that I can go soon.

- I graduate in 3 weeks. I can't even with this information. THREE WEEKS. All of the feels.

- I saw a film over the weekend called Boyhood. IT WAS SO GOOD. You should go see it.

- Tonite my daughter called me out, and told me to calm down while laughing at me. It felt like a grown up way for her to act and it made me sad.

- I'm so nostalgic for fall right now. I can't wait for it. I know it's only July. (Sad pants.) I just want to wear jeans and scarves!

- I got really mad at my insomnia the other nite and washed all of the pillows in my house, individually. I felt like a crazy person by the time I was done, but it was so nice to sleep on them afterward!

- I get to see one of my good friends tonite, that I haven't seen in over two months. Super excited.

So what's going on with you? Anything cool? new? exciting?

the in between

Happiness and sadness should not be allowed to coexist with the same space. How is this occurrence not breaking some sort of universal rule of life?

late nite bullshit

18 July, 2014

Laura tagged me in a post the other day, and these things are too fun to pass up, especially when you've been up practically all nite. -_- So let's do this. Happy Friday, friends. 

1. Share a self portrait of any media.

My feelings generally manifest themselves in a physical way that causes me to have bitchface. Sorry, not sorry.. it's whatever.

2. What is your dream job (money not being an object)?

I don't have one. I mean, I *think* I would be really good at naming make up and nail polish products, but that seems like a really unfulfilling existence. (I'm sorry if you do this for a living.) I just want a job that pays me to do things that matter.

3. What blog do you find most inspiring?

all of the ones I read, for different reasons. check them out here.

4. Who is your favorite author and why?

I don't have a favorite author. It's too hard to choose just one but here are a few of my favorite books:

5. If you could see any band play dead or alive, who would you see?

I dunno, music is my thing, so you would think this would be easy to answer, but there are just so many bands that I really love, and I don't know how to choose just one.. I guess Kings of Leon.

6. What is your favorite food?

lately, tacos & pho. I go through food moods.

7. Who is your biggest "celebrity" crush?

I'm pretty boy crazy. See here.

8. East Coast or West Coast?

9. What is your favorite summertime activity?

swimming! it's too hot in Texas to do much else during summer.

10. If you had not chosen parenthood, where do you think you would be right now?

Dead probably. I needed a child to not make bad choices. #sadbuttrue

11. What is your favorite quote?

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary. - Aaron Rose

shit my kid says

10 July, 2014

"I've just been thinking about finding the cat dead... and when he does die, we'll have to pick him up and put him on a pan, and leave him there until we can figure out the directions to heaven, because I don't know where it is."

after putting on a performance: "clap if you liked it, clap slowly if you didn't."

me: you're beautiful
emma: you're nosy!

"MOM! You look hideously gorgeous."

after telling her I wasn't going to the gym the other day she said "We have to go! I made plans to meet a friend there!"


The last few weeks Emma & I have spent so much time outside. The weather here has been gentle this summer, or maybe I'm just used to it, finally, after 7 years. Either way, I ain't mad at it. I've spent more time outside this summer than past summers combined.

We've been going on long walks, long hikes, runs/scooter rides every day, even in the rain, even when it *seems* too hot, because fresh air is really underrated.

We were hiking tonite in our forest, and about a mile in and all I could hear was the sound of cicadas, all I could smell was earth, and all I could think about was the moment I was in.

I'm feeling alive, and vibrant even, lately, and I'll gladly take it.