12 June, 2014

I've been skeptical of things in the spiritual and supernatural realms. I want to believe in something, but I'm a realist and I need manifestation.


The other day I was at the library, and while I waiting in line I was looking at their event calender. I saw that there was a magic show coming up. When I mentioned it to Emma later on in the day she got really excited.

That nite I was laying in bed thinking about her enthusiasm, and I wished that I lived in a world where magic existed, like she does.

The thing is, lately I've felt extremely hollow inside, and very much alone. I fell asleep wishing for something from the universe.


The following day it was cool and raining, so I opened up all of the windows, and lit some incense. I was doing homework when I looked up and noticed the wind billowing the incense smoke around. I sat down by the window and snapped a photo of it. When I looked at the picture I was puzzled.

I posted the photo to facebook and instagram, and everyone who commented on it saw something different, and I decided that this was some kind of psychological thing, where we were all seeing what we want to see.

I saw love.

I don't know what all of this means, or if it means anything at all, but it feels kind of magical.

What word do you see?


yours truly, melissa said...

I told you E-o-s-e. ;)

Did you two go to the magic show?

A Crimson Kiss said...

This is magical. I see "Love" too!

MeghanTopjian said...

I see love too!

Katrina Sophia said...

I love it. I see love too. <3

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Stephanie said...

I definitely see love too! But besides the picture, I feel like I could have written this post. This is me lately. I'm such a realist. I love it when people can confidently believe in something's just not that easy for me.

Matthew Pike said...

Google for me!

Buckets & Spades

Matthew Pike said...

Google for me!

Buckets & Spades