eleven minutes

27 May, 2014

"..she went over and over what she would say
to him, until she found the right way to begin a story
that would never end."

(I'm obsessed with Paulo Coelho right now.)


20 May, 2014

because sometimes you just have to take a break from life to be silly, even if it is past bed time.

by the sea

13 May, 2014

I have an innate ability to turn beautiful things into very morbid, metaphoric massacres.

I spent the weekend staring at the ocean, and all I could think about was Emily Dickinson's poem, By The Sea.

I decided that if ever I want to die, I'll go to Land's End, and just surrender myself to the waves.

HI. HAPPY WEDNESDAY. I have so much to tell you.

the hollie show

06 May, 2014

sitting on my living room floor, drinking rum, listening to crackerfarm videos on Youtube, studying for my last final, talking to a friend about life things.

mental/emotional breakdown I've been putting off for weeks.

16 more hours until I can breathe autonomously. #pleasepray