cuban fever

26 February, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I was out for coffee with a friend and we started talking about how awesome Fidel Castro looks in a track suit, which obviously led to a discussion about whether or not the US would lift the trade embargo when the Castro regime is over, or maybe sooner, considering both Barack Obama and Raul Castro have both publicly questioned its effectiveness. (This is totally normal coffee chat, right?)

The conversation piqued my interest in Cuba, and since then I've been watching Cuban related films (Che: 1&2, Cuban Story, & The Lost City, to name a few) and reading any kind of cuban literature I can find.

Naturally, because it is illegal for me, as an American, to travel there, I'm obsessed, and now I need to travel there.

I've decided that once Emma is old enough to care for herself, I'll take the risk of going via Mexico or Canada (I know people who do this!) but in the meantime I'll stick to cigars and rum and daydreams.

I do hope that eventually I can visit there, legally. It blows my mind that Americans are considered "free" people, but we're restricted from visiting that portion of Earth because of politics. What even?

this guy

14 February, 2014

"you're the titanic, but I still want to pre-board." - bryan

probably the most accurate description of our story, or unconditional love, even.

what would I do without him?

boys, boys, boys

10 February, 2014

I do this thing where I develop very teenagesque feelings for boys, and then I proceed to pin pictures and tweet about them. And it's just really pathetic, so naturally, I've decided to take things a step further and blog about it, because I am nothing, if not ridiculous, lately.

Soo, with that being said, Johnny Weir. Yes? No? Maybe? I'm feeling it.

Happy Monday. :)


05 February, 2014

Hey guys, if you're seeing this post it's because you followed my old blog, n'est-ce pas?. (thanks for doing that! haha)

I had been back and forth about deleting my blog for a couple of months, but only because I felt really vulnerable having so much of my personal life out in the open. However, I missed this space, so I made a new url and deleted my old content, because sometimes you just need a fresh start.

xo Hollie

(ps. high ten to whoever has heard the song in which "a little black cloud in a dress" comes from.)