10 July, 2014

The last few weeks Emma & I have spent so much time outside. The weather here has been gentle this summer, or maybe I'm just used to it, finally, after 7 years. Either way, I ain't mad at it. I've spent more time outside this summer than past summers combined.

We've been going on long walks, long hikes, runs/scooter rides every day, even in the rain, even when it *seems* too hot, because fresh air is really underrated.

We were hiking tonite in our forest, and about a mile in and all I could hear was the sound of cicadas, all I could smell was earth, and all I could think about was the moment I was in.

I'm feeling alive, and vibrant even, lately, and I'll gladly take it.


Andrea Shi said...

Very beautiful scenery! It is really good to have the opportunity to walk into the nature and breath the fresh air.
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yours truly, melissa said...

Well this sounds wonderful! I wish we had more nature-esque areas to hike, walk, bike... Big cities always do it right.

And the photo of Emma in the striped shirt - she looks so tall and lanky! How old is she now? Kindergarten around the corner?

Stephanie said...

The cactus picture...are you kidding? So beautiful! And Emma looks so old...I can't even with how old the kiddos are looking these days.

Glad to hear you've been enjoying summer. I hope it continues to be a great one!

A Crimson Kiss said...

So absolutely beautiful. I can't tell you how much I miss the sound of cicadas.

Hollie Nickolls said...

Melissa - I'm going to miss this when I move!

Stephanie - I KNOW. It makes me sad, but gosh it's really cool to see her grow up.

Lena - I forgot how loud they are!

MeghanTopjian said...

I have to look up cicadas…

Great pics :)