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22 July, 2014

I sleep better in a clean house//pool days, every day//art museum//morning hike//cicada

- I legitimately can't stop listening to The National. I get into music moods, but I think they might be my #3 favorite band of all time.

- Speaking of music, I'm daydreaming of going to ACL in October. :)

- Also related, because daydreaming, I really want to go to London right now. Like, so bad it makes my heart hurt a little bit when I think about it. Let's all just cross our fingers that I find a really awesome job as soon as I move, so that I can go soon.

- I graduate in 3 weeks. I can't even with this information. THREE WEEKS. All of the feels.

- I saw a film over the weekend called Boyhood. IT WAS SO GOOD. You should go see it.

- Tonite my daughter called me out, and told me to calm down while laughing at me. It felt like a grown up way for her to act and it made me sad.

- I'm so nostalgic for fall right now. I can't wait for it. I know it's only July. (Sad pants.) I just want to wear jeans and scarves!

- I got really mad at my insomnia the other nite and washed all of the pillows in my house, individually. I felt like a crazy person by the time I was done, but it was so nice to sleep on them afterward!

- I get to see one of my good friends tonite, that I haven't seen in over two months. Super excited.

So what's going on with you? Anything cool? new? exciting?


Tiffany Kadani said...

Oh girlfriend I have too much to say about this post. First off... shut your face about Fall. I can't even.

Secondly, I can't wait to be your neighbor in London.

What's exciting in my life? I'm on vacation for the next month and I want to pee my pants every time I think about that. Because I am a freak.

Matthew Pike said...

Plenty to digest there Hollie, sorry for all the London talk lately. That's where the work is though, same really. You know much about Manchester?

It's really hot here at the moment so I'm hardly sleeping really, too hot so the windows are open but too nosiey so no decent sleep.

The National are ace, something about the voice and those chords right?

Buckets & Spades

yours truly, melissa said...

I haven't heard of The National. Do I need to check them out? I think we actually have similar taste in music so I'm thinking so.

Did you know that you were my first introduction to Bon Iver. Thank you for that :)

Also tell me more about washing the pillowcases. Did you hand wash them individually or in the washing machine?

Hollie Nickolls said...

Tiffany - I just love you.

Mat - no, I totally like living vicariously through you! I want to check out Manchester. Don't know much about it at all.

Melissa - I think you would like them! I loooove Bon Iver. :) I washed the pillows in the washer, just one at a time.

Stephanie said...

AGHHHH!!! I can't believe graduation is so soon! I'm so happy for you! I legitimately think I've followed along with you the entire time you were in school. It's just so great!

Inge said...

I LOVE the National! I too go through music moods and I suspect when the days go darker (fall! the best!) there will be a the National month (or two, or three).
Wow you're graduating! I remember it being ABOUT TIME but also rather scary as it's going be a new chapter in your life. Good thing it's at the same time as the move (get all that change done with in one go). Good luck!