shit my kid says

10 July, 2014

"I've just been thinking about finding the cat dead... and when he does die, we'll have to pick him up and put him on a pan, and leave him there until we can figure out the directions to heaven, because I don't know where it is."

after putting on a performance: "clap if you liked it, clap slowly if you didn't."

me: you're beautiful
emma: you're nosy!

"MOM! You look hideously gorgeous."

after telling her I wasn't going to the gym the other day she said "We have to go! I made plans to meet a friend there!"


BrittyJ said...

Oh my goodness these are too favorite was "...clap slowly if you didn't." because obviously you should clap no matter what... ha ha ha

A Crimson Kiss said...

As if that photo weren't enough...


MeghanTopjian said...

Seriously made me laugh out loud. Adore her!