shit my kid says

03 April, 2014

-while she was pretending that her Bunno was a newborn baby, I told her it was time to head downstairs and clean up her toys. she responded with "why would you treat me like this on the day that I had a baby?!"

-I came downstairs and found her watching a game show and I asked her why she wanted to watch that. She said "It's called family game nite, and it's great. You can win things LIKE A NEEEEWWWW CAR!"

-"mom this toothpaste tastes spiced."

-"Michaela was right. I'm a total fraud."

- "my heart depends on a kitten."


Mary said...

Love. :-)

Matthew Pike said...

Emma is quite a soul! Special one that kid.

Buckets & Spades

Katrina Sophia said...

So cute. She sounds like clever little gal xx

Katrina Sophia Blog

yours truly, melissa said...

You do need lots of rest after having a baby! ;)

Stephanie said...

Hahaha! A total fraud?! That's hilarious!

the southern hostess said...

The cutest.