au contraire

28 April, 2014

Sometimes I do silly things right before finals, like drive 5 hours just to hang out with my guy for a few days, for no reason other than I missed him. :)

So, naturally, on Saturday, Emma & I took a very impromptu trip to see Bryan, and can we just talk about Midland for a minute?

-There is a very distinct population of crazy people there. Some of them hang out outside of Bryan's hotel room every day! Some of them might even work at the hotel, because only a crazy person would steal your change and leave you 4 Bud Lights in return, right? (let's get real. the joke is on whoever did this, because 4 beers do not = a handful of change, even if they are shitty beers!)

-I experienced my first real dust storm. I had no idea those were even a thing. Sand grit in your mouth is disgusting.

-The local economy there is really weird. Most of the labor force is made up of skilled workers, due to oil & gas related jobs, and there aren't enough unskilled workers, so basically customer service everywhere you go is kinda blah, and the wait is ridiculous. I mean, we waited an hour for THREE MILKSHAKES. This is a real problem, and I am obviously going to have to learn patience.. or never eat out. I'm not sure yet. Also related: everywhere there is hiring. Everywhere.

- Sundays. So most places are closed on Sundays. The natural grocery store, restaurants, gyms, etc. I get that this is the South, but gah, people want to do things on Sundays. At least I do!

Anyway - Countdown til I move is 33 days! haha I can't wait.


Matthew Pike said...

this place sounds wacky Hollie, really wacky. What's the deal, no work on Sunday, dust storms, beers for change and long ass milkshake waiting?!

Buckets & Spades

yours truly, melissa said...

Whoa, hello to adjustments! One hour for THREE milkshakes? That's cray. You'll need a positive attitude mantra and some planning to not be stuck like chuck on Sundays when everything is closed.

Stephanie said...

Oh the adventures you will have! I can not wait to hear your stories, and follow along on this new journey. : )

And good luck on your finals!

Hollie Nickolls said...

Mat - It's something else. Not quite sure what I've gotten myself in to!! :|

Melissa - I think it will be ok, but it will definitely take adjusting to. We eat out a lot, which I'm sure will change. I don't wait two hours to eat. I won't.

Stephanie - thank you! I need it. :)