14 April, 2014

Growing up in Oklahoma meant being familiar with the term 'disaster preparedness kit.' I remember one time as a kid, I think I was in 5th or 6th grade, there was a tornado during summer, and we were without power for over a week. We lived with the windows open, even though it was so hot, and we only had sandwiches from a cooler to eat. We borrowed stuff we didn't have from our neighbors, and somehow I remember it as being fun and not incredibly scary, like it sounds.

Since moving out of Oklahoma, I haven't given much thought to such a thing, until recently. For Christmas last year my dad sent me a bunch of ridiculous survival supplies to start a kit with, including, but not limited to: a water canteen that doubles as a bullhorn, an army field guide, a tomahawk, and of course fire making mechanisms.

I gave the whole idea some thought, and I really should have a kit, but the fact is that it's actually quite scary, and depressing to even think about. So I put it all out of sight, out of mind for now.

Do you have a disaster preparedness kit? What's in it? Is this how your dad tells you he loves you as well? haha


MeghanTopjian said...

We have a kit in our car - with a blanket, flashlight, water, etc..

For home, not nothing more than candles because we don't really have any big things that can happen here!

yours truly, melissa said...

We are getting a storm shelter installed this there's that. But otherwise no. I *think* I have a blanket in my car. Perhaps I should get more serious and add some bottled water, a first aid kit, and non perishable food items.

I'm probably the only RN who doesn't have a first aid kit. HAAAAAAAAA

You are right though, it is so scary to think about.

Mary said...

First of all, yes that is the way a lot of dads show their love. Mine was the same. My father-in-law too. Men are funny.

Secondly, on the NC coast where I was, it was hurricanes instead of tornadoes. But I too thought each storm was exciting and fun rather than scary as I suppose I should have. We'd light candles, play games, eat all the food out of the freezer before it went bad (ice cream for dinner!)...good times.

I don't have a survival kit, although I do try to keep batteries in the flashlights, have a bunch of candles available, and my pantry stocked with canned goods. If there's a prediction of a storm then I may also stock up on water. I really should have something in my car though, but I don't.

Stephanie said...

We have a first aid kit but it's super small and kind of useless. Oh my lord, I'm just realizing how ill prepared I am for a disaster. Now I'm convincing myself that something horrible is going to happen. Crap.

A Crimson Kiss said...

The tomahawk seems particularly appropriate for a survival kit. John and I should have one of those suckers, but we don't.

PS–I clearly just rediscovered your blog, and may or may not have just read through the archives to catch up. So good to "hear" your voice again, dear friend!