religious candles

27 March, 2014

I spent Monday deep cleaning my house, and moving things around. And by things, I really just mean clothes. I took over the extra closet, and made use of my entire dresser, which truly deserves a post of it's own, because I swear I felt a sigh of relief from my insides after everything was situated. I just really like having space, instead of cramming things wherever they will fit. That's probably a deep-rooted Freudian metaphor, right there.

I digress, this is a post about candles. I found these two candles jars while I was cleaning, and they made me giggle.

One day, last summer after complaining to Bryan over the phone about my shoulders hurting, he stopped at the grocery store and bought these little candles so that he could come home and give me a romantic back massage. Very sweet, and a little romantic, even, except they were jewish candles. It was funny, because it was a situation very typical of him.

(note: he once failed at a romantic attempt to propose to me because he forgot the ring. -_-)

Anyway, I've almost survived a full week without him around, and needless to say, I miss laughing. :)


yours truly, melissa said...

Nothing gets romance going like Jewish themed candles! ;)

Tiffany Kadani said...

He tried to convert you. hee hee.

I'll try to make you laugh. Somehow...

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you survived the week! I'm in the middle of deep cleaning and purging right now, and each room that gets cleaned out makes it easier for me to breath. Thinking of you guys, and hopefully you'll be laughing with Bryan again before you know it!