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31 March, 2014

hi!! I made it through the week without even a meltdown. I don't mean to boast, because I know there are people who have worse living conditions than this, but I'm really proud of myself. haha. School + taking care of a home and a child aren't easy tasks when you don't have back up!

Anyway, here are a few links that caught my eye lately that I wanted to share. Bon lundi. :)

- this amazing photostream has inspired me to pick my camera back up after months of not using it much.

The Locavore Myth - an article about how limiting yourself to only buying food that is sourced locally can be an ineffective way to reduce your carbon footprint. I found this to be particularly interesting because I never really took into consideration the ecological effects of my purchases, just the economic effects.

- Hawaii's stairway to heaven.

- I've never seen anything like this surf video!

- I'm stressing out about a couch. (How will I not buy that?)

- kids are funny.


Matthew Pike said...

I'm not expert I know but don't say, snowboarders do loads more complicated stuff? or do surfers not really do tricks? I understand the conditions are totally different though.

That walk is insane, imagine that?!

Buckets & Spades

Matthew Pike said...
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yours truly, melissa said...

So many good things! I always laugh and laugh at those things kids say... The dad who's a good, COOK, and his "COOK" hat. HAHAHAHA

Also that photo stream is incredible. I'm so out of practice and not good with my DSLR these days.

Mary said...

Great links. Oh my gosh those kid letters are hysterical. My favorite is the "I just wanted to say I'm sorry that I'm not sorry because I tried to be sorry but I'm not". Kills me.

My sister, the crunchy vegetarian, would appreciate that Forbes article, so I may share as well.

Enjoy that hot yoga tonight - sounds like you've earned it!

Hollie Nickolls said...

Melissa - I seriously love when kids say funny stuff like that. They're so innocent and literal! haha

And I'm out of practice too. I want to say I've been busy, but I kinda got bored for awhile. I'm looking forward to moving and being inspired by new things.

Mary - That article was a total mind blow for me. For so long I've been programmed to think economically that I would have never thought that to be true, but after reading it, it makes so much sense! Gotta love people who look at the bigger picture. :)