a little bit of lately

14 March, 2014

- I've been on spring break, and it's just been great. I have gotten so much done, but I've also had fun, and I've been lazy here and there. A good balance. Spring break also means I'm halfway done with this semester!

- speaking of school, I graduate in august! I have 2 easy summer semesters, and I'm done. I can hardly believe it.

- speaking of august, I'm moving to Midland, Texas in august. The week after I graduate.

- oh yeah, Midland! Bryan is moving there in one week, and I'll be spending the spring/summer as a real single parent. -_- 

- I applied to kindergarten programs for Emma last nite, and I'm feeling so emotional as a result. There's just so much going on in august, it definitely feels like a new chapter, and naturally I'm nostalgic about the one I'm ending, even though I'm feigning indifference to fake myself and Emma out. haha

What's going on in your orbit?

ps. I'm not in the business of apologizing, but I have been way too lazy to configure my sd card from my camera to my new laptop, please forgive me for the crappy instagram photos, unless you're into that sort of thing.. and then you can follow along here for more. Happy weekend!


Katrina Sophia said...

So many things going on for you this summer. hope all goes well Hollie!

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Vanessa Walker said...

Cool pics, they have a neat grainy feel I like!

Inge said...

Did I miss why you guys are moving there?

Crystle Ardoin said...

Graduation -- the best part of education. Early congrats to you!

Stephanie said...

I can't wait to follow along with you guys this summer, and during the move, and Emma starting kindergarten! So many exciting things happening, plus graduating!? So happy for you! :)

Tiffany Kadani said...

You're graduating!!! Holy night congrats!

For some reason, your blog never comes up on my feed, even though I'm following you. I have no idea what the what is going on.