cuban fever

26 February, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I was out for coffee with a friend and we started talking about how awesome Fidel Castro looks in a track suit, which obviously led to a discussion about whether or not the US would lift the trade embargo when the Castro regime is over, or maybe sooner, considering both Barack Obama and Raul Castro have both publicly questioned its effectiveness. (This is totally normal coffee chat, right?)

The conversation piqued my interest in Cuba, and since then I've been watching Cuban related films (Che: 1&2, Cuban Story, & The Lost City, to name a few) and reading any kind of cuban literature I can find.

Naturally, because it is illegal for me, as an American, to travel there, I'm obsessed, and now I need to travel there.

I've decided that once Emma is old enough to care for herself, I'll take the risk of going via Mexico or Canada (I know people who do this!) but in the meantime I'll stick to cigars and rum and daydreams.

I do hope that eventually I can visit there, legally. It blows my mind that Americans are considered "free" people, but we're restricted from visiting that portion of Earth because of politics. What even?


Mary said...

Blows my mind too. My sister managed to take a trip there - i thought she got some sort of permission as a Spanish teacher, but then she also flew via Mexico, so I'm not sure if she had actual official permission or not. She loved it and thought it was totally worth doing.

Mary Jo said...

I love the way you found yourself obsessed with this place. I'd love to visit some time too, the culture seems so amazing.

xo Mary Jo

MeghanTopjian said...

One of the things Joe found crazy when he moved to Canada was how Cuba was just a huge tourist destination for us. I haven't gone, but know tons who have. You drive around Calgary and there are Viva Cuba! tourist billboards and you see commercials. I always joke we like to go because there are no Americans (of course I kid!). Come via Canada and we will take a side trip to Banff!

Hollie Nickolls said...

Mary - I have a friend who does it, and says its no big deal, but I'm afraid I'd get in trouble. :)

Mary Jo - It just seems like such a secret!

Meghan - lol! I'm going to take you up on that after I get settled in this fall! :D

Matthew Pike said...

Standard coffee chat. It is pretty mad, seeing that I could go but you couldn't.

I've got a book you should check out -

One of the best travel books I've ever read and well funny too.

Buckets & Spades

Katrina Sophia said...

I didn't know it is illegal! my sister is visiting there with her friends this summer, very jealous of here. bet you are too. I hope you get to visit there some point in your life!

Katrina Sophia Blog

Inge said...

Wow, I didn't know that was illegal for you! Love that coffee chat, also as a blogpost introduction :)

Krystal // Village said...

the company i work for - we have 5 countries that we are restricted dealing with, its really fascinating!

A Crimson Kiss said...

DO IT! You can book an all-inclusive hotel once you're in Mexico City and avoid spending any money there at all. It's truly an incredible, bizarre, fascinating place.